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Langley Lighting can provide sound equipment for anything from a simple PA for a speaker to multiple radiomics running into a PA for a fullscale musical!

Below is listed most equipment but if you cant find hat you are looking for get in touch at this email

AKG 330 BT Low impedance Cardiod ( switchable l/f)


Shure switchable Microphone


AKG 451


Audio Technica Pro45 Dangley Directional Microphone


Beyerdynamic MCE86N(C) Gun Mic


Price each


Audio Technica Pro44 Boundary microphone


Sennheiser G3 Channel 38 radio microphones. Langley Lighting has a Radio Mic Licence which comes with the hire. Per unit



Set of 4



1,200-Watt 16-Channel Powered Mixer with Multi-FX Processor and FBQ Feedback Detection System


Stereo power amp 300+300


HH Mosfet V200


Toa Mixer Amp. Suitable for conferences etc.


Sony Minidisc player


Sony CD Player


Wharfedale Speakers match with 300W amp


Tall stands for above


HH General Purpose Loadspeakers. Cabinet 2 x 12". 100w/pair


Tall Stand for above ( per pair)


JBL Control1 Speakers/Pair


Floor Monitor


Medium size powered fFoldback Speaker 100W plus. Can also be used as a PA in its own right. Has Mic and line in


Large powered foldback Speaker 200W plus. Can also be used as a PA in its own right. Has Mic and line in