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Langley Lighting concentrates mainly on supplying amateur theatrical companies and stage schools with lighting and sound equipment, though more recently has branched out into video filming and editing.

Over time I have invested in new and different equipment, modern lighting desks, LED pars, UHF radio mics and some moving lights, to list just some.

Langley Lighting now has for hire sixteen ways of Sennheiser G3 channel 38 UHF radiomics. For bigger shows twelve are built into flight cases of four for ease of rigging, along with four single sets

The main control desk is a Zero 88 Frog 2. This is a very capable desk to control over 2000 dmx channels on four dmx universes. Any normal pc monitors can be plugged in but there is a built in touch screen

I now have six  Mac 250 Krypton profiles.

I also have five 250 wash lanterns. These can controlled from the Frog type desk or the PC based controller  along with USB to DMX dongle.

The Lanta par64 tri2 offers at least twice the light output of a standard led par64 can and is fitted with 18 x 9w Tri-coloured Leds. The great thing about these units is you dont get the characteristic colour shadows as with the older LEDS. We have six of these units. Unlike our other LED equipment these come with barndoors if requested

The Visage quad LED provides RGBW from 18 combined leds. Because they have a white source as well they are better at providing natural pastel colours that the tri led has trouble doing. We now have ten of these